Jackson, WY has the best GF pizza

I recently had the luxury of visiting a good friend who lives in Jackson, Wyoming. I knew what Jackson was all about and I was not only prepared for a ton of outdoor activities but extremely pumped. The concrete jungle of New York City doesn’t always do it for me. I couldn’t wait. However, I was naive to think that a place like Jackson, a place the focuses on conserving, enjoying, and appreciating its natural beauty would be lacking in the food department. I didn’t think there was room for more than one amazing treat- it was either sublime outdoors or super tasty food. But I was wrong! Jacksonhole has plenty of Thai restaurants which happens to be one of my favorite cuisines- and not only because Thai food is inherently gluten-free but also because I love the spices and flavors. One of the restaurants, Lotus Cafe, which I wouldn’t exactly call a Cafe, had some of the tastiest foods. I would recommend everyone to try this restaurant at least once during your visit because they have something for everyone ranging from Thai to Mexican to comfort foods like lasagna and…. drum roll… gluten-free pizza. Pizza is one of the best foods ever. You can call it unhealthy but if you don’t over indulge, you have great sources of veggies, dairy, and carbs. And everyone loves pizza. It’s quick. It’s tasty. It’s great for hangovers. Who doesn’t love pizza? Anyway, I have tried my fair share of gluten-free pizzas and I won’t lie, this is the best I have ever tried. I personally ordered the Notorious F.I.G. on their menu which I would order again and again. Even my dining mates who sampled my pie couldn’t even tell it was gluten-free. And that, to me, is how it’s done. Bravo Lotus, I will be returning to you next time I’m back in Jackson.