Dogfish Tweason’ale

I finally tried this beer.  After receiving a recommendation from a friend who knows her beers (so I should have taken that into account), I finally stumbled upon it and decided to give it a try. Most gluten-free beers have a slight taste of metal or celery; some taste like both. Imagine blending celery in a food processor made of metal that seeps into the celery and there you have most gluten free beers.

This beer, however, tastes nothing like celery and nothing like metal.  It tastes like GOOD beer, of which I had forgotten the taste.  There is a hint of fruit but it’s not fruity.  I can finally enjoy my sips of beer with my beer snob friends.  (I’d much rather have beer snob friends than wine snob friends).  I strongly recommend purchasing this beer for any gluten-free friends if you are not a glutard yourself; it will make them happy!  And no, they are not paying me to write this.  They are paying for great advertising with the little strawberry-head guy buzzing with the bumble bee and hanging with the honeycomb.